More blacks locked up under Joe Biden Crime Bill than all of SLAVERY

Four generations of black families have been destroyed by Joe Biden's Crime Bill and to this day they suffer.

Joe Biden, spent his entire life trying to be President. He has done every dispicable, vile, inhumane, racist acts to achieve his goal. In 1994, Joe Biden struck gold with the 1994 Crime Bill, the largest Crime Bill in US history.

Joe Biden, was the Private Industrial Prison Complex's sales man in Washington. He used his position to write legistlation that profited the Industrial Prison Complex. The legistation forcibly locked up innoccent people for profit. The legistlation was used as a vehicle to transfer tax payer dollars starting with $12 billion a year into the pockets of Industrial Prison Complex. To date as much as $1 Trillion in public tax payer funds have been transferred.

Joe Biden's, Crime Bill targeted black males because they are easy targets, easy money for Industrial Prison Complex, who in turn pay Joe Biden.

Locking up black people is BIG MONEY. USA is out of blacks to lockup, so they are after you, your kids & family!

Crime Bill Targeted Black Men VAWA Targeted Black Women

Who do you think paid for Hundter Biden's $7000 sunglasses? You did!. Seeing the riches the Biden Crime Family was racking in locking up black men, the Clinton's decided to build their own empire targeting black women with VAWA, a bogus cover for Planned Parenthood and Family Court. Since the Bill Clinton sign VAWA and Safe Families Act aka Cash for Kids, revenue from divorces has increased 60 fold from $1 billion to $60 billion a year. The family court is a system of illegal wealth transfer from parents to lawyers, judges, DAs, police, therapists, bogus experts using their kids.

How It Started

Bill Clinton signed into law the Adoption and Safe Families Act so lawyers, judges, therapists, court screeners, visitation providers, minors cousel, CPS and even police could use public law to serve private interests. In return the Clitons have been greatly rewarded and benefited tremendously from campaign contributions, favors, speaking engagments, access and other benefits.

Cynthia Lie Runs A Criminal Enterprise Using The Courts Profiting From Pedophiles & False Domestic Violence

Cynthia Lie - Vicious Career Criminal

Cynthia Lie, is in serious and egregious civil rights and color of law violations. Lie was promoted to judge of the California 6th District Court of Appeal in July 9, 2021. Previously, Lie was a judge at the Superior Court of Santa Clara County in California. Lie, has consistently used her position and abused her power and the power of the courts for personal, financial and political gain to the detriment of the public. Lie colluded with corrupt unscrupulous lawyers, district attorneys and used the law to cover up child sex abuse and to protect a pedophile for personal, financial and political benefit. Lie allowed BJ Fadem, Nathalie Ferro and Scott Reno to abuse the courts, use it as a vehicle to file false charges and drain their clients.

On June 13, 2015, I witnessed Ganraj Kumar sexually molest my daughter Arianna, who was 1.5 years, while she was sleeping. Her mother Reshma Kumar did not want me reporting her father to authorities in order not to be cut out of her inheritance. On June 16, 2015, Reshma Kumar forced me to buy an insurance policy. At the time I did not know that Reshma Kumar and her family were plotting to eliminate me so that there would be no witness and they had been consulting with lawyers. When I decided to report Ganraj Kumar, Reshma Kumar filed for divorce and falsely alleged domestic violence. Cynthia Lie issued a lifetime restraining order against me based on no evidence. She made the decision in 2 minutes. Lie violated my rights, I was denied due process and Lie went to my facebook page and used my support for President Trump and my religion to target me due to her hatred for men, President Trump and Christians. Due to the false domestic violence restraining order I became homeless. While at the same time Lie allowed lawyers to drain as much as $50,000 a month in fees. Since 2015, I have seen my daughter for just 40 hours in 7 years. I had to fight tooth and nail to get every hour and expense every penny and go hungry for days. BJ Fadem, Nathalie Ferro and Scott Reno filed 358 bogus court actions, with false unsubstantiated allegations over 4 years and used it to extort and siphon $700,000. Lie allowed the court to be used to commit perjury, and operate a false billing extortion scheme that Lie benefited politically and professionally by allowing corrupt lawyers to siphoned money from families.

Lie is using the courts to get revenge against men, against fathers', against kids, against families because of spiteful hatred her empty LGBTQ life has dealtt her. Lie, has to be removed, charged and prosecuted. All Lie's cases have to be vacated. They are all fraudulent, pay for play, kids for cash, illegal child trafficking schemes. Where kids are used by lawyers using falsely obtained orders from corrupt frauds like Cynthia Lie. Lie has violated the oath of office, abuse of power, abuse the power of the courts, lacks moral character and is a threat to public safety.
I would like the US DoJ to:
1) immediately begin an investigation into the organized rackeetering happening in the California Family Courts.
2) invesitgate Cynthia Lie, BJ Fadem, Nathalie Ferro Scott Reno, Kevin Boileau, Joe Perez, Katrina Ohde, Reshma Kumar for false prosectution, coverup sexual abuse of a minor using domestic violence laws intented to protect real victims not shield pedophiles and profit from it, cover up attempted murder, false billing, child trafficking using the courts.

BJ Fadem

BJ's mother wanted a boy so BJ had many sex surgeries to be a man. BJ despises men, kids and has spent his life destroying them.

Nathalie Da Costa Ferro

An extortionist that profits by trolling family courts. Goes by numerous names to hide her fraudulent schemes.

Katrina Ohde

A corrupt district attorney in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California that has betrayed the public trust. Must be disbarred.

Joe Perez

A dirty cop on the take. Currently being sued for falslifying evidence that sent an innocent man to prison for 17 years.
Innocent Man Wrongfully Convicted for Life Served 17 Years Framed by San Jose Dirty Cop for Payment more...
Innocent Man Wrongfully Convicted for Life Served 17 Years Framed by San Jose Dirty Cop for Payment more...

Kevin Boileau

Disbarred in Washington but licensed in California as an expert in women for raping and extorting money from women.

Shalini Venktash

Writes false court orders for corrupts lawyers to seperate kids and parents to extract every penny from parents to see their kids.